About Joy's House

When I lost my daughter Joy at the age of 3, the pain and loss was immeasurable. I didn’t want to feel it. Drugs and alcohol helped.

For a while.

But as the disease progressed, and my intake grew, the pain returned. Along with a loss of self-respect, alienation from my family, financial difficulties, and a constant dread that I would run out of, or not be able to get, my drug or drink of choice; There was an emptiness inside of me that couldn’t be filled no matter how much drugs or alcohol I put into myself. Until I finally gave up, got a sponsor and worked the steps.

Do you know what true freedom is? True freedom is waking up in the morning without panicking that I have to get my drug or drink to make it through the day. That I am enjoying my life, Not just surviving it.
We in recovery have found that freedom, and it is incredible! It is also possible. Joy’s House is here to help you make that transition from early recovery to living a successful life in recovery. Believing again; In life, In the future, In yourself.

Charlie G.
Founder of Joy's House